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Hi There, I'm Ashleigh, a lash loving, creative entrepreneur with a passion for everything beauty. With Melbourne Lashes rapidly growing, I aspire to deliver the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne with attention to detail, a flawless application and 100% client satisfaction. I strive to offer clients a one-of-a-kind experience with gorgeous, long-lasting results. I strive to maintain a professional standard of quality in order to meet your every lash need.

The MELBOURNE LASHES experience 

Before we start the application, we sit down with our clients and discuss in detail the process, as we understand each individual will desire a look that will differ from client to client. Your stylist will consult and guide you through your treatment. We will discuss and work with your eye shape, your natural lashes and natural lash cycle, to help determine the perfect style when creating your tailored look.
Eyelash extensions, when applied by a professional, provides thicker, longer, fuller and natural looking eyelash extensions with no damage to your natural lashes.
Melbourne Lashes uses high quality lashes made from a synthetic fibre, we also carry a range of silk and mink lashes. Each product holds its shape, as they are soft and flexible.
We offer a range of different styles to suit your desired needs and to help you achieve your ultimate lashes. With a range of different lengths, thicknesses and shapes Melbourne Lashes is sure to please.

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